Hi, Welcome to my blog - its not much but it is honest work!

A short introduction about me, a security and computer forensics masters graduate from University of Greenwich who’s currently working as an associate cyber security engineer at Immersive Labs, UK. I love security like how I love honey on my pancakes, as this not only teaches me how to enjoy working on security related things with a passion but also allows me to share it with like minded individuals in security community. I consider security should be a standardized systems and operation than a service.

You will find me most of the time wondering why honey isnt sticky on your tongue. While doing some shenanigans on TryHackMe or HacktheBox. Currently, I build ranges in ImmersiveLabs and contemplate life.

To sum it up, I really enjoy conveying my knowledge to people for them to understand the concepts of being a penetration tester or even practice security as a hobby. Hopefully someday I will be able to contribute to the industry with my knowledge!

Certified in OSEP, CRTO, OSCP, CRTP, eWPTXv2, eCPPTv2, eJPT, and Sec+

This blog will detail a lot of cool things that I worked on, working on, and lastly my reviews for certifications that I have done. This doesnt just revolve around pentesting but also everyday security itself.