The Cynical Guide to IP Classes and Subnets - Extended Cut

The Cynical Guide to IP Classes and Subnets - Extended Cut


Welcome back to our darkly humorous tour through the hierarchical labyrinth of IP classes and subnets, where we learn just how many digital peasants can dance on the head of a pin.

IP Classes: Counting the Huddled Masses

Let’s dive deeper into the social enchelons of the internets addressing scheme and count the teeming hordes of IP addresses in each class.


Class A: The Vast Digital Empires

  • Characteristics: Each network is like a sprawling kingdom, vast and sparsely populated.
  • Count: A whopping 16,777,216 addresses per network, but there are only 126 of these exclusive networks. It’s like owning a continent with a population density lower than Antarctica.
  • Sardonic Observation: Perfect for those who need space, because who wants neighbours when you can have serfs?

Class B: The Crowded Suburban Hellscapes

  • Characteristics: More networks, less space. The digital equivalent of a cookie-cutter suburban development.
  • Count: There are 16,384 possible network addresses and 65,536 localhost addresses . Imagine a small town where everyone knows your SSID.
  • Bitter Truth: Designed for organizations that think team-building exercises compesate for personal space.

Class C: The Teeming Tenements of the Internet

  • Characteristics: Lots of lots of tiny networks, each crammed with a modest number of addresses.
  • Count: A whooping 2,097,152 possible network addresses but a mere 256 localhost addresses. It’s like hosting a LAN party in a broom closet.
  • Cynical Quip: The go-to choice for those who enjoy the cozy camaraderie of shared bandwidth congestion.

Subnets: Slicing the Digital Pie Even Thinner


The /24 Subnet: The overpopulated Block Party

  • The Realization: In the /24 subnet world, you’ve got 256 possible addresses at your digital bash. But here’s the kicker: only 254 are actually party-goers. The other two? Well, one’s the ‘Reserved VIP Lounge’ (the network address), and the other’s the ‘Loudspeaker’ (broadcast address) announcing the end of the party
  • Dark Musing: It’s like throwing what you thought was an intimate dinner party, but it turns into a wild rave. And in this chaos, two mysterious guests (who you can’t even see) are hogging your precious space and snacks.

Outro: The Absurdity of Counting in a Digital Wonderland

And this concludes our journey through the rabbit hole of IP addressing and subnetting, where numbers play a game of musical chairs, logic wears a party hat. In this digital wonderland, we’ve seen how IP addresses are not just numbers but characters in a grand, sometimes nonsensical narrative.

From the vast, empty halls of Class A to the cramped, noisy corridors of Class C, and the chaotic revelry of the /24 subnet, we’ve observed the peculair ways in which our digital society organizes itself. it’s a world where being a number means being part of a larger, often absurd story - a story that we, as netizens, continue to write everyday. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯